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*New wants to be added regularly*

*I want it all!*

As a collector, naturally, I want it all!  I am often reminded by some of my good and well-intentioned friends that you cannot be your own best customer and stay in business for very long. They are right, of course, but I am an hopeless collector at heart so I will continue to try and prove them wrong. As many of you know, my collecting interests have evolved. I am now exclusively collecting Spanish militaria. My primary focus is on the the Spanish colonial army from 1868 to 1898.  Please have a look at the items below.

*Naturally, anything related to this subject could be of interest*

However, what I will list on this page will be specific items I need to fill a gap in the collection, complete a group of things like a set of accoutrements or a piece of braid or button needed to restore a uniform. Each item on the wants list will be something I have searched high and low for without success.  Your help in locating these artifacts will be very much appreciated! 

If you have an item on the list or think you can help locate one, please contact me at:


You will truly make me 'one happy soldado'.

¡Muchas Gracias!

I am always buying Spanish military relics from the 1868 to 1898 period.



Teresiana: a kepi-like cap with a leather visor.  Most are of dark blue wool branch colored piping except for cavalry units which differ in color by branch


Philippine colony issue "straw" hat.  The brim edge will be bound in natural hemp or linen fabric.  The black band is painted canvas with a unit designation painted in yellow letters.

1860s - 1880s officer's garrison cap.  Can be of blue wool or white cotton.


I am looking to purchase almost any colonial era uniforms, military, police, or civil service.  Below are some specific wants, but let me know what you have to offer.  I often can't live without items I didn't know existed only 5 minutes ago!


Spanish Issue Boots and Shoes


Shoulder Strap Rank Insignia (Philippines)

In 1897 officers in the Army of the Philippines began to display their rank in removable shoulder straps instead of on their cuffs as had been the previous practice.  This shoulder strap rank insignia system was unique to  officers in the Philippines, officers stationed in the other colonies continued to wear cuff rank.  I am looking for examples of this insignia. They are made of wool in branch of service colors (green for infantry, light blue for cavalry, red for artillery, etc.) with metallic braid rank devices on a rayadillo backing with a tab and button that slip through loops on the tunic. I would like to buy an original pair (or a single) but clear Hi Res photos will do. Please let me know if you have or know of any original examples of these shoulder straps.

Illustration from "El Ejército Español en Ultramar y África (1850-1925)" by José Manuel Guerrero Acosta


Militia Infantry Button (Cuba)


Stamped Metal Cockades as Issued in the Philippines


Generally made of zinc or gray metal. Both pin back and sew-on examples exist.

Coll: Minnesota Military Museum

Any Unit Marked Painted Hat Bands

Coll: Minnesota Military Museum

Pith Helmet Badge Guardia Civil Veterana de Manila

Coll: Minnesota His. Soc.

Belt and Cartridge Box Plates

1886 Pattern Infantry Belt Plates


Currently, I need the following unit numbers:

Peninsular Infantry in Cuba

1, 4-5, 7-9, 11-12, 16, 18-23, 30-31, 35, 38-42, 44, 47, 49, 50, 52, 53, 55

Permanent Garrison of Cuba

63 thru 67, 75

Permanent Garrison in the Philippines

68, 69, 71, 72, 74

Cazadores (Light Infantry) Belt Plates

2, 7, 8, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 - this last may have the number in the horn's center as found on other Cazadores plates or possibly the royal cypher "A XIII" in place of the number.

Artillery Belt Plates

Cut out numbers 4, 12

Sanidad Militar (Medical Corps) Belt Plate

Rectangular plate engraved or embossed with letters "SM."  Even if it is not for sale, I would like to know about it and get a photo if possible.

Specialist Insignia and Photos


Any images of colonial troops wearing specialist badges or marksmanship badges.  Most of these will be worn on the upper left sleeve.  I prefer original images but can use high resolution jpegs (600 dpi or larger) well be useful.  Images of Peninsular troops wearing specialist badges are also of interest.

Spanish Military Images

Specifically looking for clear, sharply focused photos with good contrast that show insignia, full equipment or weapons. Need photos taken in the colonies of soldiers and public servants in less common units. Most interested in photos of the Havana Hussars, Captain General's Guards, Public works employees in uniform, Firemen, etc.


Cavalry Officer's Bandolier Cartridge Box

Artifact courtesy Minnesota His. Soc.


Knapsack Flags

Specifically those with solid colonial provenance.

A Special Request

I am looking for any period photographs of knapsack flags in use, particularly during the colonial period.  Images of American troops posing with captured flags would be especially interesting.  If you have anything that I may borrow, please contact me.


Period Uniform Regulation and Weapons Manuals

Photocopies or digital copies of the original documents are acceptable!  I just need the information Any primary source  imformation on both colonial or Peninsular uniforms, military, police and civil service of the pre-1898 period is always welcome.

Edged Weapons

Any Spanish Swords with the Proof Mark Crown over "RV"

Marking on the guard of a Modelo 1860 cavalry saber captured at Santiago de Cuba.

Model 1843 Gastador Machete for Marine Infantry

Identical to the standard infantry pattern distinguished by an anchor on the crossguard.



Model 1857 Cavalry carbine with swivel ramrod.


Any variation of the Model 1857/1867 or 1859/1867 Berdan trapdoor conversion carabine , musketoon or rifle.

La Azpeitiana Snider action rifle with the long saber bayonet lug.

Spanish marked American made Remington Rolling Block rifle with either a long or short saber bayonet lug. 


Navy issue Model 1893 Mauser rifle, German Made, with a script Ma serial number prefix.

German Model 1871 rifle made at Amberg and documented to have been used by Philippine insurgent forces.


Any Spanish Issue Firearms with the Crown Over "RV" Proof Mark

Usually found stamped on the barrel behind the sight. This mark should only be found on Remington Rolling Block pattern rifles and carbines.


Cuban Hat Badges

Coll: Chris Magewick.

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