10010506 The German Army in the First World War: Uniforms and Equipment - 1914 to 1918 $140.00





"The German Army in the First World War: Uniforms and Equipment: 1914 to 1918" by Jurgen Kraus. This superbly illustrated, 640 page hardbound volume presents, for the first time, a comprehensive picture of the uniforms and equipment of the German army in the First World War. More than 1,400 color photographs illustrate the full range of clothing and insignia, from private to field marshal. This book includes not only detailed descriptions of all the garments worn in the German army during the war, but also of the special uniforms and insignia of each branch of service. This impressive collection of photographs of original pieces is supplemented by 400 contemporary wartime photographs showing clearly how they were actually worn. Together, they illustrate the external changes in the German army between 1914 and the end of the war. The collection of the Bayerisches Armeemuseum in Ingolstadt was photographed for the first time for this book, along with some important artifacts from the Wehrgeschichtliches Museum in Rastatt. Is it 100% complete and totally comprehensive? No, of course not. However, if it was any more complete, you would get a hernia for sure! Without a doubt, it is the most intensive study on the subject to be published in English, and will remain the collector's primary Imperial German reference for many years to come. If you collect Imperial German uniforms and equipment of the First World War, this is a must-own reference! New S&H by media mail (Book Rate) $9.00